Meet The Team

Stefani Michael

Manager / Lead Teacher Little Neptune

My name is Stefanie, the team leader for the child’s workshop! I was born in Cyprus. I hold a Bachelor degree in pre-primary education as well as a master’s degree in special education. I have 10 years of experience working with children of ages ranging from 4 months to 6 years old. I chose to work with children because of their innocent nature and the unconditional love they offer to everyone surrounding them. I most enjoy guiding them how to build their character through teaching of new things. I also love to see the world through their eyes.

Maria-Christina Mountouccou

Team Leader Saturn/Pluto and Lead Teacher Pluto

My name is Maria-Chistina the Lead Teacher of Pluto class.   I hold a bachelor degree in Special Educational Needs and disabilities. I have experience working with children of different ages, from 2 to 12 years old. My ambition has always been to become a teacher in order to positively impact the lives of learners. The most enjoyable aspect of my work is that everyday, I have the opportunity to interact with children and assist them to discover new facts and ideas. Furthermore, since education is always evolving I am constantly learning new ways to incorporate new techniques and methods toward learning. I consider myself to be a very passionate and dedicated individual when it comes to achieving my objectives. I feel fortunate that one of my goals is to educate your children.

Andrea Markide

Lead Teacher – Saturn

Born in 1999 and holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Liverpool, I am Andrea Markide, an educator deeply committed to the Montessori philosophy. My expertise is further enhanced with certifications in Introduction to Safeguarding, Play Therapy, Understanding Autism, and Child and Adolescent Counselling, equipping me to create a supportive environment for our young explorers.
Recognizing childhood as critical in shaping a person’s life, I embraced Montessori pedagogy and positive discipline, focusing on nurturing each child’s unique journey.
Living by the mottos “Our children don’t belong to us, we belong to our children,” and “Children should be confident looking in the mirror, not seeking their worth through others’ eyes,” I aim to foster self-assurance and independence in our children.
Fun Fact: ‘Positive Discipline’ by Jane Nelsen was the first book I read in this field and remains a favorite and highly recommended of mine. It has been a key influence in shaping my approach.

Emmi Damdelen

Teacher – Baby Neptune

My name is Emmi. I am working as a Teacher in Baby Neptune classroom. I am a qualified Montessori teacher and am excited to be part of the team at the Workshop! 

I have experience in working with children from zero to six years old, most of my experience with toddlers. The best part of working as teacher is to follow the child’s progress in learning, becoming independent and actor in a social environment. Working with very young children, practitioners have the privilege to follow up the very fast developmental progress particularly in movement and language of each child. As a practitioner, my priority is to provide comfort, safety and stability for our little ones , who in most cases it is often their first time away from home.

Senay Bagan

Assistant Teacher – Little Neptune

My name is Senay Bagan. I was born in Australia with Cypriot parents. We have moved to Cyprus is 1993. I have Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching. I worked in a Bank for 14 years. This is my second year at the workshop and I had no experience but now I am learning so many things from the little ones. I always wanted to work with children and I am very thankful for being a part of the workshop.

Chloe Gregoriou

Assistant Teacher – Little Neptune

Hello, I am Chloe Gregoriou and I am an actress. I am an assistant teacher in the toddler classroom.   I enjoy singing, dancing and playing with the kids. The children are a big inspiration to me as they gave me ideas for new plays many times.

Pheobe Michael

Teacher – Baby Neptune

Hello, my name is Phoebe! I was born in Cyprus. At the moment, I am a Teacher in our Baby Neptune workshop. I hold a Bachelor degree in Graphic Designer. I have one beautiful baby boy, and as a first time mum, I realized that I would love to be work with children and help guide them to become a good person. I am already learning from our babies how they explore, discover their skills and support their path towards independence.   I believe, with the approach of love and understanding towards little humans, we can see our future brighter and more peaceful.

Penny Genethliou

Assistant Teacher – Pluto

My name is Penny and I am so happy to meet so many wonderful children and parents. I am a qualified Montessori assistant teacher in Pluto class.    When joining the workshop I had no experience but knew I wanted to work with children. I completed the Certificate in the Montessori method of Education through MMI London in association with MTC Cyprus in June 2021.Working with your children has been the highlight of my life. I’m learning so many things from them, you can’t imagine. I promise to take care of our little stars now and later.

Antonia Antoniou

Assistant Teacher – Saturn

My name is Antonia the Assistant Teacher in Saturn classroom. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design and a Masters in Illustration. My background in the Art field compliments the creativity and teachings I do in the class for the children. I previously worked in various Government Schools as a Fashion teacher. I have experience working with children of different ages. Children’s imagination fascinates me and I help them discover their skills and help them work on them while having fun. I have also recently completed a Diploma for Early childhood in the Montessori method of education.

Athina Alexandrou

Assistant Teacher – Saturn
My name is Athina I was born in the UK with Cypriot parents. I immigrated to Cyprus in 1995.As a child my dream was to work with children. At the age of 7 I used to sit with my cousins who were all younger than me and pretend I was their teacher. For many years I worked as a childminder for children aged 6ths to 3yrs.I was very fortunate to have found Ms Linda the proprietor of Child’s Work Shop Montessori, Who has given me the opportunity to make my dream come true. Even though I have 2 children of my own I feel that the children at our beautiful school are just like my own.
Afternoon Co-ordinator

Nikoletta Anastasiadou

Afternoon Co-Ordinator

My name is Nikoletta.   I hold a Bachelor Degree in Speech Language Pathology and a Certificiate of Sponsor test of Learning Difficulties.   I have many years experience working with children and adults.

I am excited to be part of the MTC team.

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to become a teacher.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of the life of a child learning together, new techniques, new skills and communicating in order for them to find their own voices.

Koulla Papachristoforou


I am the Administrator of the Workshop. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Working at the Workshop is both fun and challenging at the same time, because it is very different from the Corporate field that I am used to, however you gain a lot of happiness from all the little ones. With Mrs. Linda as our Leader and each colleague individually, we have created a strong Team, which is important for the smooth operation of the Workshop and provide a quality education to the children.

Alexandra Spyridou


Mrs Alexandra has been with our school since we opened in 2019.   Mrs A, as she is known to us all is a very important part of our team.