The Child’s Workshop
Private English

Our Philosophy

The principle and aim of our school is to provide a serene and happy environment where the child feels at home, where their abilities, creativity and skills are encouraged, where good social skills and a joy for learning are introduced in a fun way without any pressure, thus to develop the child self-confidence, independence and self-esteem. We follow the Montessori method combined with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

The Montessori Method

In 1907, Dr Maria Montessori (1870-1952), Italy’s first female doctor, founded Montessori education. Montessori believed that children can teach themselves in a ‘prepared environment’with self-correcting apparatus for learning. In prepared environments, children are active explorers of their environment, learn at their own pace and choose a variety of materials and activities that emphasize learning through the senses with a hands-on approach. 

The Montessori approach is a child-centred one that operates on several defining principles. The goal of a Montessori classroom is to develop the whole child, which includes physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities. The job of the teacher is to follow the child and open each child’s full potential and individuality.


If you are interested, please call to make an appointment to visit our school. During your school visit, you and your child will be shown around the classrooms. Your child will have the chance to join the class whilst we inform you about our curriculum and admission process.

A day at the school

Our mornings
Also known as the Montessori work cycle, mornings in our Montessori classrooms are taken pretty seriously.  It’s one of two work periods and offers an opportunity for children to concentrate on their selected activities. Concentration is the pathway to learning, so we work really hard to establish a calm, organized, and engaging environment that sets the stage for concentration. Children spend this time working on individual activities at a table or on a rug on the floor.  Many activities require a presentation from the teacher before a child can use them independently.  Others, such as puzzles, can be taken off the shelf without a lesson.  Children who are not receiving a presentation from a teacher might be working on something alone or with a friend, completing a work that was started the day before, or just walking around, observing.   Some favourite morning activities include  learning sounds (sandpaper letters),  writing words (moveable alphabet),  counting (cards and counters), sensorial  (Brown stair and Pink tower). It’s a busy time of day, but, as we all know, time flies when you’re having fun, so it’s not too long before we’re wrapping up the morning, getting the tables cleared, cleaned, and set for lunch.    The children join a teacher at the carpet for Circle Time,  read a story, sing some songs, and then head outside to play.

Lunch time   After lunch we are so lucky to have a beautiful, natural play space for our children! We love our playground and the opportunities for exploration, observation and imagination that it provides. The children climb on the traditional play equipment, dig in the sand, and enjoy a variety of seasonal activities related to maintaining our classroom gardens.  

Afternoon (14.00-15.00 / 15.00-17.30)

Baby room operates untill 15:00

The nursery operates from 7:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday (we also operate an early bird from 7:00 AM, with an additional charge).

Our academic year operates from September to June each year with summer school in July and the first 2 weeks of August.

Depending on their age and the program in which they are enrolled, the children do afternoon activities. Please speak to us about our afternoon schedule.


There is a non-refundable registration fee of €150.00 for first time registration. €50.00 second year and onwards.

Included in fees:

  • Amused Music lesson
  • Kinderdance
  • Breakfast

Monkeynastix is included in our curriculum with an additional charge.

For further information and our fees please contact +357 99539380