3-4 years

The Saturn workshop is a hub for little discoverers to cultivate further their whole personality and skills through practical life exercises, sensorial training, communication, language and literacy, mathematics and cultural subjects (nature study, biology and zoology, geography and history. 

It is a place where their uniqueness is respected and cherished, as children are encouraged to work towards their full potential and to the value of their individuality.

The pace is unhurried, experiencing no obtrusion from the outside as the children work through the curriculum in their own time. The children are free to choose activities that capture their interest. New activities are introduced, as each child is ready for them. 

Activities are mainly hands-on, fun and concrete at this stage, setting the basis for later learning of abstract concepts. Their foundation is further strengthened in the Saturn workshop which will support development of the child’s whole individuality, work ethic and social habits as they continue towards further education. 

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